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Two foreigh seafarers, the Romanian Oianu Florin and the Filipino Reynaldo Sabale performed the actual official opening of the New Seamen Centre.

Marc Desmet, chairman of the Seamen Centre Zeebrugge vzw explains why: "We give the honour of this official performance to two seafarers. This new seamen’s house was actually built for them, seafarers from distant countries, who come and meet here, find some relaxation and call home."

Port chairman Fernand Traen expressed his pride in the realisation of the project and thanked all those who have made it possible. He also promised the lasting support of the Port Authority.

However, the major applause was for the delegation of the International Transportworkers Federation Seafarers Trust. The Seamen Centre would indeed never have been built without the ample financial support of this international organisation, which defends the interests of all seamen in the world.

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